Explore the Wonderful World of KIDS YOGA!

Welcome to Push Markham’s Kids Yoga Program!

At Push Markham, we believe that kids’ yoga is not just a form of exercise but a magical journey that nurtures physical and emotional well-being in children.  We take pride in our programs, which have been developed and facilitated by Ontario-Certified Teachers, experienced yoga instructors, and behaviour/rehabilitation specialists dedicated to your child’s well-being.

Discover the incredible benefits of Kids Yoga with us:

Physical Development

  • Strength and Flexibility: Kids Yoga helps children develop muscle strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • Coordination: It improves coordination and fine motor skills, essential for physical development.

Emotional Well-Being

  • Stress Relief: Kids learn relaxation techniques that help them manage stress and anxiety.
  • Emotional Regulation: Yoga teaches emotional awareness and regulation, empowering children to express themselves positively.

Concentration and Focus

  • Improved Attention: Kids Yoga enhances concentration and focus, which can benefit them in school and daily activities.
  • Mindfulness: It introduces mindfulness practices, teaching children to be present and attentive.

Confidence Building

  • Self-Esteem: Kids gain confidence and a positive self-image through achieving yoga poses and challenges.
  • Self-Acceptance: They learn to accept themselves as they are and appreciate their unique qualities.

Social Skills

  • Cooperation: Group classes encourage teamwork and cooperation, fostering social skills.
  • Empathy: Kids Yoga promotes empathy and respect for others, creating a more compassionate community.

Creativity and Imagination

  • Creative Expression: Yoga includes storytelling and imaginative play, allowing kids to explore their creativity.
  • Playfulness: It nurtures a sense of playfulness and joy in movement.

Better Sleep

  • Quality Sleep: Kids who practice yoga often experience improved sleep patterns and better sleep quality.
  • Relaxation Techniques: They learn relaxation exercises to unwind before bedtime.

Body Awareness

  • Understanding the Body: Kids develop a deeper understanding of their bodies and how they move.
  • Body Confidence: This fosters body confidence and a healthy relationship with their physical selves.

Your Child's Wellness, Your Family's Joy, Your PUSH

Explore our Class Schedule, Private Yoga Events and Pricing, or Contact Us  to learn more. We’re excited to be part of your family’s lifelong wellness journey.

Check out what we offer for Kids & Families

Unlock the magic of yoga with our Mini Yoga classes at Push Markham, designed specifically for kids aged 3 to 8. In these playful and nurturing sessions, your child will embark on imaginative adventures, building strength, flexibility, and balance while learning mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Our trained instructors create a safe and joyful environment where kids develop focus, confidence, and valuable social skills. Join us for Mini Yoga, where healthy habits and family fun come together to inspire a lifelong love for well-being and self-discovery.

Our Jr Yogi classes at Push Markham are designed to empower young minds and bodies in a supportive and engaging environment. Tailored for kids aged 8 to 11, these classes blend the benefits of yoga with age-appropriate activities, fostering physical strength, flexibility, and balance while nurturing emotional well-being. Jr Yogis learn mindfulness techniques, enhancing concentration, and self-awareness, all while having fun. Our experienced instructors guide them in building self-confidence and important social skills, creating a foundation for a healthy and balanced life. 

Join us for a week of summer wellness and adventure at Push Markham’s Summer Intensive Kids’ Yoga Program, thoughtfully designed for kids aged 4 to 12. We understand that every age group has unique needs, which is why our program is split into age-appropriate sessions. Your child will experience tailored yoga, creative movement, and mindfulness activities that cater to their specific age group, ensuring an engaging and rewarding experience. Plus, when weather permits, we embrace the great outdoors, providing outdoor time to connect with nature and soak up the sun. Our experienced instructors lead children through yoga poses, games, and relaxation techniques, promoting physical strength, mental focus, and emotional well-being. It’s an opportunity for your child to make new friends, build confidence, and develop lifelong healthy habits while having an unforgettable summer experience. Join us for a week of growth, giggles, and gratitude in our Summer Intensive Kids’ Yoga Program, where every day is an exciting journey of self-discovery and joy.

Experience the joy of family togetherness and well-being with our Private Family Yoga Sessions at Push Markham. These sessions offer a unique opportunity for families to bond, share, and grow together in a private and personalized setting. Tailored to the needs and dynamics of your family, our experienced instructors guide you through a journey of yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation practices that strengthen both your bodies and your connections. Enjoy quality time, build a deeper understanding of one another, and create cherished memories while promoting physical health, emotional balance, and harmony within your family unit. Whether you’re seeking a fun way to connect, de-stress, or foster a healthy lifestyle, our Private Family Yoga Sessions offer a supportive and nurturing space to achieve these goals. Join us for an enriching experience that celebrates family, wellness, and the power of shared moments.

Get ready to deck the mats and jingle your way into well-being! Our holiday-themed yoga events at Push Markham are a delightful blend of festive spirit and mindful movement. Whether it’s yoga with a touch of Santa magic, an egg-citing Easter practice, a family-bonding session for Family Day, or a spooky Halloween flow, these events add a joyful twist to your practice. We believe that holidays are meant for joy, and what’s more joyful than striking a pose in your favorite holiday attire?