Mindfulness and movement classes to support your child’s development.  Classes incorporate fitness along with emotional intelligence (EQ), gross motor movements, mindfulness techniques and collaborative/social play.  

Mindful Kids incorporate movement, mindfulness and emotional regulation techniques into each class.   Classes are fun for kids of all ages and include mindfulness activities such as collaborative games or mindful crafts.  Our programs are offered during the Fall, Winter and Spring sessions.  

Summer Yogis is a fun program for your little ones over the summer.  Our program is developed around:
– Movement: Yoga
– Creativity: Mindfulness art
– Collaboration: Games
– Literacy: Journaling and stories

Parent and Tot yoga is great for kids aged 3-5 years old.  Kids will learn how to explore mindfulness techniques and improve emotional intelligence at a young age.   Yoga classes will include aspects of movement, dance, mindful art/activities and stories.   A great way to create a fun bonding experience together!

Private or Semi-private Family yoga sessions can be scheduled at your convenience. A great way to reconnect and bond with the whole family. Learn to use yoga movements, mindfulness and breathing techniques to foster a calmer home life.

Strengthen your bond with one another at our family yoga event with Melissa. You are guaranteed a session full fun, games, laughter and loving experience. An event you will not want to miss!