The best time to start prenatal classes are during the second trimester.  Strengthen and move with us during your second and third trimester to prepare for birth and postpartum.  

Stretch and support your growing body with prenatal yoga. This class will practice breathing techniques, birth intention and movements to help with labour and birth.  No yoga experience required.

Strengthen safely during pregnancy with our prenatal Pilates class.  Learn how to activate the core for pregnancy and prepare your body for labour and birth.  

The perfect workshop for both partners to prepare physically and mentally for pregnancy and labour. This hands-on event will leave you feeling connected as partners as well as parents to-be. Learn and practice: yoga breathing for labour, set intentions for parenthood & partner meditation. REGISTER HERE

Prepare for your mind for birth using meditation and deep relaxation. During this session, the body is completely relaxed (usually laying down with support props). The instructor guides you with verbal instructions. No yoga experience is required.

This session will help with:
– optimize deep sleep
– reduce insomnia
– reduce anxiety/stress
– relax tension in the body


It’s best to start between 15 and 20 weeks.    Many returning clients or clients who are very physically active like to start as early as 12 weeks or after the nausea or tiredness have subsided.

If you are new to yoga, start at 1 class per week and see how your body feels.  Many of our experienced yoga/fitness clients like to attend 2-3 classes per week.  You will definitely feel the most benefits with consistency, so no matter how many times you come make sure you make yoga a weekly routine!

No, prenatal classes are for the pregnant person only.   Partners are welcome to wait for you in our waiting area OR attend take a Partner’s workshop for themselves.  Check out our new workshop series: Expecting Dad – a baby101 class for new dads.

No, however, we recommend checking with your primary care provider (doctor/midwife) before starting yoga.

Yes, of course!  We offer pre-registered drop-in classes for many of our classes.  Check out our prenatal options 

Some Insurance plans cover yoga under a health/fitness spending account.  Please inquire with your insurance provider for details.

A receipt will be emailed to you which can be used for submission to your insurance company.  We do NOT provide direct billing for yoga studio services.