Experience the PUSH Difference

PUSH’s hands-on parenting workshops offer a more dynamic and effective approach for parents to acquire, apply, and retain essential parenting skills. These in-person workshops encourage active learning, problem-solving, and peer support.

We are preparing new parents and parents-to-be for the reality of bringing home a newborn.


Registration and Fee covers the cost for 2 people (you and your birth partner)

Want to include your partner though the journey of pregnancy and birth but now sure how?

Teach your partner how to be the ultimate birth partner!

In this 2-hr workshop is for you and your partner to learn the following:
-Yoga poses and breathing for labour
-Set intentions for parenthood
-Strengthen connection with one another

Monthly Group and Private Options are available.  Book now to reserve your spot.

This workshop is part of a two-part Series
Part 1 – BABY CARE workshop teaches the basics of caring for a newborn baby. What to expect with them day and night. Topics include how to hold a newborn, bathing, diapering, burping, soothing and sleeping. A HANDS-ON workshop where you will get to experience what life is like with a newborn. An opportunity for you to feel prepared before the baby arrives!

Baby care is taught by a postpartum doula and may be covered under your Health Spending Account.  Be sure to inquire about this with your insurance provider.  

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Having a hard time with scheduling?  Check out our private workshop here. 

This Private Crash Course teaches the basics of caring for a newborn baby. What to expect with them day and night. Topics include how to hold a newborn, bathing, diapering, burping, soothing and sleeping. No need to take a 10 hour education class when we can show you everything hands-on in 2 hours.

Registration fee covers the cost of 2 people (you and your birth partner).

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This workshop is part of a two-part Baby Series
Part 2 – FEEDING workshop teaches you the ins and outs of feeding your newborn, whether through breastfeeding, formula feeding, or a combination of both.

Our Lactation Consultant will provide hands-on guidance, addressing common concerns and sharing tips for a smooth feeding journey. You will also learn about colostrum collection, how to do it and take home your very own kit to get started. Gain the knowledge and support you need to nourish your newborn with confidence.
Registration is for you and your partner. Bring your birth partner to be a part of the feeding journey too.

Group and Private options available.

Learn how to prevent allergies and picky eating, best foods to offer & how, and baby food planning.  Recommended for parents with babies 4 months or older.

Check your insurance benefits – Registered Dietitians may be covered under your plan. 

Speak with our Registered Dietitian today.  Group and Private Sessions available.  

We get it, parents don’t have time for a full 8 hours CPR course. So we developed this workshop with all the things you NEED TO LEARN in an emergency with your little one.

This workshop is for: parents-to-be, new parents, grandparents or caregivers. Registration is for two people.  This workshop will cover Infant CPR only.  

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Please note: this is NOT a certification course.  Run by Sharon Cheng, Standard First Aid Certified Instructor (St. John’s Ambulance)

Learn to massage baby like an Massage Therapist at home. Program is a 4-part series designed to teach infant massage techniques to caregivers. Each session is 45-minutes

Spaces are limited – Book here.

Programs runs for 4 consecutive Thursdays, starting with the date you are booking.
Registration is for a pair (one adult + one baby)
Babies 0 to pre-crawling recommended.
Baby Massage can help:
• Improve Sleep By Helping Baby Fall Asleep Faster, Sleep Deeper And Sleep Longer
• Helps With Digestion & Relieve Constipation
• Calm Teething Pains
• Reduce Colicky Behavior And Irritability

Minimum 3 pairs for workshop to run, maximum 6 pairs.

Session 1: UPPER EXTREMITY (hands, arms and shoulders)
Session 2: CHEST and ABDOMEN
Session 3: LOWER EXTREMITY (feet, legs, hips and pelvis)
Session 4: HEAD, NECK and FACE

Benefits of Hands-on Learning

When people actively apply what they’ve learned in a practical context, they remember the material better and for more extended periods compared to passive learning approaches like lectures or reading alone  Our workshops are created with the foundation of active learning to better prepare you for life with a newborn.  Sign up for a workshop and experience the PUSH difference.