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Vote for Push Markham and Help us Grow!​

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At Push Markham, we’re dedicated to supporting families on their journey through parenthood. Our commitment to prenatal and family wellness has earned us a place in the Small Business Everyday Contest, and we need your help to make a difference!

Why Vote for Us?

  • Send a thank you note to your favourite Canadian small business today for a chance to win $1,000 cash to support local
  • We’re your one-stop-shop for prenatal and family wellness needs.
  • Our community thrives on support, connection, and knowledge-sharing.
  • Your vote can help us continue to make a positive impact on families in Markham.

Vote for Push Markham

It’s simple! Just click the link above and cast your vote for Push Markham. Every vote is a vote for a stronger, more supportive community for families like yours.  All the info you’ll need is our email: and our website:

Thank You for Your Support:

Your vote can make a significant difference in recognizing the hard work and dedication of our team. Thank you for being a part of our community and for helping us continue to grow and thrive.

Let’s show the power of our Push Markham family by voting together! 🗳️💖 #SmallBusinessEveryday #VoteForUs