What is a Sitz Bath?

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Sitz baths can be used to help soothe the perineum. You can create a sitz bath in a tub with a few inches of warm water OR you can purchase a sitz bath tub that sits on your toilet for convenient use.

Some Sitz Bath tubs come with a bag and tube to create a bidet-like stream of water for the perineum, however, this is not required to use the bag and tube when using the sitz bath. You can simply fill the sitz bath tub with warm water, place it on the toilet and soak. Most sitz bath tubs have an overfill vent, so if you fill too much or when you are done with your soak, simply tilt it backwards and all the fluids dump into the toilet.

What is it for?

The Sitz bath can help soothe your perineum. This can be useful for pregnancy and then into postpartum as well.

What do you put in the water?

Many people use plain warm water sitz baths, but there a variety of remedies that you can search about on the internet as well. Many remedies are filled with healing herbs to help soothe and heal the perineum. Earth Mama came out with a herbal sitz bath that is highly recommended by all the mom blogs. Earth Mama’s Herbal Sitz Baths come individually packaged and perfect for sitz bath as well as padsicles too.