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New! Mama Care: Postpartum Kits

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We are excited to announce that we have the ultimate postpartum kids available now at PUSH.

These kits were created to cover your needs in the first week of Postpartum. We did all the work to figure out all your must-have items and how much you need. All the research and gathering done for you.

Our basic Postpartum Kit has all the disposable menstrual products you will need for your first week. Upgrade to our Ultimate Kit which includes a sitz bath. Not all items are sold separately, send us an email if you are looking for something in particular.

Let me tell you more about our items:

Mesh Panties

These disposable mesh panties are a size Medium/Large. They are very stretchy and fit a wide range of sizes. These mesh panties are similar to the ones they provide at the hospital. Some people have reported washing them and letting them hang dry to get in a few more wears on each one. But no worries because your kit includes 5 of these.


Your kit includes a few different types of pads. Tena overnight incontinence pads are great for your first few days, so you’ll only need a few. A pack of Tena heavy flow pads are great for days 3-5 and Curity maternity peri-pads are great after. Curity peri-pads are great for making padsicles.

Tena pads are not your regular menstrual pads. They are incontinence pads so this means they are meant to absorb fluids better. To help with your stiches and healing, doctors and midwives are now recommending pads that DO NOT have dry weave technology. Pads in our Postpartum kits are not dry weave and specifically designed to support you during postpartum.


Our kits include underpads in two different sizes. These are great for postpartum and can also be used in pregnancy to protect your mattress incase your water breaks at night.

Keep reading to learn about the sitz bath that is included in our Ultimate kit.